Ann Arbor Community for Traditional Music and Dance


About Us

AACTMAD is the the Ann Arbor Community for Traditional Music and Dance, a nonprofit participatory membership organization that enriches people's lives and sense of community through traditional music, dance, song, and related arts.

We organize and sponsor over 100 traditional music and dance events each year that welcome the public. Our members actively learn and preserve many different types of traditional music and dance. With over 200 members, mostly in SE Michigan, we also support the traditional music and dance community as a whole, throughout Michigan. We hope you will consider becoming a member.

AACTMAD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, membership-based, public charity foundation.

AACTMAD tries to provide a friendly and safe atmosphere at all its events. Anyone who has experienced inappropriate behavior at an AACTMAD event can contact saferspace@aactmad.org .

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the long-term direction for the organization and oversees its activities focusing on the "what and why" of realizing the mission, including what human needs are to be met, for whom, and at what cost. One-third of the board members are elected each April for three-year terms.

Proposals and other emails can be sent to the Board at aactmad.board@aactmad.org

Name Office Office Ends Term Ends History
Selena Ransom President 2017 2018 elected 2012–15
elected 2015–18
Ruth Scodel Vice President 2017 2018 elected 2015–18
Kenny Schabow Treasurer 2017 2017 elected 2014–17
Steve Johgart Secretary 2017 2018 appointed 2011–12
elected 2012–15
elected 2015–18
Linda Hanson 2017 elected 2011–14
elected 2014–17
Catherine Kendall 2017 elected 2014–17
Susie Lorand 2018 elected 2012–15
elected 2015–18
Cathy Malast 2019 elected 2016–19
Asta Soltis 2019 elected 2013–16
elected 2016–19
Megan Wilson 2019 elected 2016–19

Monthly Board Meetings are open to all members.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and soliciting candidates for the Board of Directors and for the Nominating Committee. Current members are:

Brad Battey, elected 2013–16
Will Jaynes, elected 2014–17
Robb Pilkerton, elected 2012–15, elected 2015–18
Kenny Schabow, appointed 2014–15, appointed 2015–16
Ruth Scodel, appointed 2015–16

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for the running and maintenance of Concourse Hall .

Current members are:

Pat Micks, Hall Manager
Catherine Kendall, Chair and Board Liaison
Gretchen Preston
Greg Meisner
Will Jaynes
Hal Breidenbach
Email: facilities@aactmad.org
Phone: 872-222-8623


AACTMAD is a Group Affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society and was a founding member of The North American Folk Alliance, now named Folk Alliance International .