Ann Arbor Community for Traditional Music and Dance


Scholarships / Grants

AACTMAD's Scholarship Program exists to promote the enjoyment of traditional dance, music, and song by encouraging individuals to participate in local, regional, and national activities and thereby enriching their lives and sense of community through these experiences. These scholarships are described below:

CDSS Group Affiliate Priority Spots
AACTMAD, as a Group Affiliate of CDSS, is entitled to CDSS Group Affiliate Priority Spots for up to two members to attend CDSS weeklong camp or course events each year. This enables AACTMAD members to most effectively take advantage of the resources and opportunities offered by CDSS summer programs for the benefit of our local community. (The deadline for this is early March.) Application Form
Membership Scholarships
These scholarships introduce non-member individuals to our community-based organization of traditional music, dance, and song by providing benefits of a one-year AACTMAD regular membership. Application Form
Regional Event Scholarships
These scholarships pay up to half the registration fee for attendance at regional camps or festivals featuring traditional dance, music, or song. This encourages dancers and musicians to become active in our local community, enhance their skills and enthusiasm for traditional music and dance, and enhance their awareness of and exposure to opportunities at a regional level. Application Form
National Event Scholarships
These scholarships pay up to half the registration fee for national events or activities of 3 to 7 days, such as a camps or courses offered by the Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS) at Pinewoods, Timber Ridge, and Ogontz, or festivals of national stature such as the New England Folk Festival. This encourages AACTMAD members to become leaders in our local traditional dance, music, and song community and to gain exposure to and awareness of traditional music and dance leadership at the national level. Application Form
Event Grants
Grants are available for project organizers willing to work with the board to define and plan events carefully in advance.
Morningstar Berea Christmas Country Dance School Scholarship
A new scholarship is available to cover tuition for the Berea College Christmas Dance School week. It is intended for those with financial need; preference is given to potential and practicing Michigan teachers, leaders, and musicians. This scholarship application and recipient selection process is independent of the application for CCDS, which will happen once the recipient is chosen. Application deadline: October 15, 2014. Application Form (PDF) Application Form (DOC)

To be eligible for Regional and National Scholarships, applicants must be AACTMAD members and must apply for matching funds (if available). Preference will be given to young AACTMAD members, and those who have not previously attended the camp or festival for which the Scholarship is requested. Financial need is also a consideration. Scholarship recipients are expected to increase their participation in or volunteering at AACTMAD's sponsored events or activities.

Please check out the Scholarship Application Forms for further instructions and submit one today!

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