Ann Arbor Community for Traditional Music and Dance


Concourse Hall: a place for dance events, wedding receptions, meetings, and more

Calendar of current reservations for Concourse Hall

Note: During the weekdays, Monday through Friday afternoon, Concourse Hall is used by Footnotes Ballroom Company , offering American Style Ballroom dance instruction.

Concourse Hall is available for public rental for the following three rental periods:

Request a reservation for Concourse Hall

To request a reservation for an event at Concourse Hall, send the following information to concourse@aactmad.org or phone 872-222-8623. Rental rates are available on the Rental Agreement .
An AACTMAD representative will contact you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Concourse Hall is managed by AACTMAD volunteers. The hall is shown by appointment only. Please call 872-222-8623 before going to the hall. Prior arrangements must be made with an AACTMAD representative.