NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most AACTMAD public activities are cancelled until further notice. Some events may take place with various requirements for masks and distancing. People will be required to sign a covid release form just prior to each event. You can download a copy HERE and bring it to the event or just sign one at the event itself.

AACTMAD Documents

AACTMAD is an all-volunteer membership organization that depends on the experience, skills, energy, and vision of many people who care about traditional music and dance. The board of directors is committed to the long-range or strategic goals of AACTMAD, sets the direction for the organization, and oversees its activities and services.

Consistent with the Carver Model for nonprofit management, the board is focused on the "ends" (the "what and why"). The work of the organization is carried out by its committees which are focused on the "means" (the "how"). The AACTMAD Guide includes job descriptions.

Financial and Budgeting

As a public foundation, we are required to allow public access to our financial records. Standard financial reporting includes balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow or changes in fund balance statements. Directors use these reports in making decisions about budgets, grants, etc. Other organizations that we approach for financial assistance require that they be clear, accurate, and timely. All income and expenditures are reported on the Income and Expense forms.

Although AACTMAD’s fiscal year is the calendar year, our budget process runs from September through August, which we call a "season." Financial reports cover January through December; budget documents cover September through August.

The board decides on the best uses of the available financial resources through its annual budgeting process. All ongoing committees submit an Annual Report and Request for Resources (ARRR) form by May 31. Submitting this form is the way to obtain AACTMAD's commitment to funding or guaranteeing funding for the coming year.

Special Grants

During the budgeting process, the board usually sets aside an amount for discretionary spending that it can allocate for needs that arise after the new season has begun. The board encourages new ideas and supports the enthusiasm of volunteers who are encouraged to try new projects and services. The Event - How To document contains useful background information to assist and support organizers of new projects.

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