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A2 Fusion - Fusion Dancing in Ann Arbor

Fusion is an improvised lead-follow approach to dancing to any style of music that does not have a strictly defined dance aesthetic. Just as music adopts, adapts to, and blends with various influences and styles, fusion accomplishes the same in the form of dance. It is a triad of connection between your movement, your partner´┐Żs movement, and the music. Depending on the music and the dancers, fusion can mean creating a new dance style to unique music, or combining two or more established dance aesthetics into a single dance to reflect the sound of a song combining multiple influences.

Many fusion dancers are versed in the fundamentals of various dances, be it blues, tango, west coast swing, Lindy Hop, waltz, or hip hop. By finding the commonalities between various dance styles, or creating new movements, dancers can actively adapt and improvise their dance style to music of all influences.

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A2Fusion is a volunteer community of social dancers hosting regular dances, special events and workshops featuring partnered fusion dancing.

Note: Help protect our dance floors - please bring a clean pair of shoes to change into for dancing.