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Michigan Callers

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Deborah Denenfeld A native of Detroit, currently residing in Kentucky, I maintain ties to Michigan through family connections, frequent visits and AACTMAD membership. I have worked as a dance artist in the schools for more than 20 years, providing residencies on dance as an expression of cultures and time periods. I also call at dances, weddings, weekends, retreats and events for all ages. Known for my clear instruction and prompting, my enthusiasm and my welcoming attitude, I'm able to gauge the crowd and adjust the program on the spot to maximize fun for the dancers. I love to travel and am constantly picking up new dances to share, keeping the programs fresh and exciting. I offer instruction and calling for contra, English Country, family, barn, American historic, international and Irish set dancing.

Don Theyken has been calling for more than 20 years in the Ann Arbor area. He started calling at the Cobblestone Farm Contra Dance with Robin Warner and then with John Freeman. When Rich MacMath left Ann Arbor in the early 90s, the Sharon Hollow Stringband asked Don to join them for the Second Saturday Contra Dance. Don has called at many midwest dance weekends. After being exposed to English country dancing at Pinewoods in 1982, Don began leading English dances as well. He and Erna-Lynne Bogue began a series of alternate Tuesday English workshops which have evolved into the weekly Tuesday English series run by AACTMAD. Don and Erna-Lynne also began a 4th Saturday English dance.

Eric Arnold I picked up a recorder while I was a student at the University of Munich (Germany) in 1959, as a present to send home to my brother. Before I sent it off, I tried it out, and I enjoyed it so much, I promptly got myself one, too. I've been playing recorders ever since, over 40 years now, and that has led to other instruments, such as baroque and renaissance flutes and viols, and a strong interest in early music. I have attended many workshops over the years led by many of the leaders in the early music revival; I studied viol (the English name for "viola da gamba," Italian for "leg viol") with Enid Sutherland in the 70's for about 7 years, and have combined this interest more recently with dancing in the past 12 years, attending Pinewoods Early Music Week, Amherst Early Music, and a Music and Dance week at Dartington Manor in the UK in pursuit of musical pleasure and experience. I play bass viol and recorders as a member of Perfect Match and am a leader of English, dancer, musical scholar, and dance historian who also collects Teddy bears.

Greg Meisner I started contra/square, English Country, and Morris dancing over 20 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I have attended numerous regional and national dance events since then, including the past 20 NEFFA Festivals. I began going to dance camp regularly at Pinewoods in 1986, attending many dance weeks there sponsored by CDSS and weekends sponsored by CDS-Boston Centre and regularly attend the Tropical Dance week on St. Croix. My dance organizing activities over the past 20 years include: Foreman and Musician of Ann Arbor Morris (http://www.hvcn.org/info/morris/); co-organizer of the Midwest Morris Ale in 1988, 1996, and 2005; Chair of the Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend; President, Treasurer, Board Member, and Nominating Committee Member of the Ann Arbor Council for Traditional Music and Dance, and I am currently on the Board of Directors of Pinewoods Camp, Inc. I began calling English Country Dances at AACTMAD’s weekly Tuesday English Country Dance series about 3 years ago. I have a PhD. in physics and do industrial research for General Motors on hydrogen storage materials for fuel cell vehicles. I have been married to Gretchen Preston since 1986 and we live on 12 acres just southwest of Ann Arbor in a 1915 vintage farmhouse.