NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most AACTMAD public activities are cancelled until further notice. Some events may take place with various requirements for masks and distancing. People will be required to sign a covid release form just prior to each event. You can download a copy HERE and bring it to the event or just sign one at the event itself.
A full weekend of contra dance (and waltz)
Additional talent: TBD

Weekend Schedule 2019

schedule for 2020 will be similar

  • Friday — 8–11:30pm — Wild Asparagus & George Marshall
  • Saturday — Note: Lunch will be provided
    • 10–11:45am — Open Waltz — Hotline Strings
    • 12:30–2:00pm — Contra Workshop — Wild Asparagus & George Marshall
    • 2:30–4:45pm — Contra Dance — Hotline Strings & Glen Morningstar Jr. &
    • 8–11:30pm — Contra Dance — Wild Asparagus & George Marshall
  • Sunday — 12:30–3:30pm — Contra Dance — Wild Asparagus & George Marshall
  • Download the 2019 schedule

Info below is for 2019. 2020 will be similar.

  • Register in advance to save money. . All mail in registrations will be accepted if received by Friday 10/23. On line registration will be open until noon on Friday 10/23.
  • Free weekend admission is available in exchange for help during the weekend, contact us if interested.
  • You may register in advance for part of the weekend by sharing a full weekend admission with someone. You have to find someone to share a weekend registration with, just let us know who will attend each session. You may send someone to attend any session you do not attend, just let us know
  • Walk-ins are welcome at all sessions:
    • Friday Night: $30 ($20 if 25 or under)
    • Saturday morning/afternoon: $25 ($15 if 25 or under)
    • Saturday Night: $30 ($25 if 25 or under)
    • Sunday: $25 ($15 if 25 or under)
  • No gender balancing.
  • Refunds are available through Oct 23 (minus $10 cancellation fee)
  • Bring clean, indoor shoes for dancing. No street shoes permitted on the dance floor!
  • For housing with a dancer, contact
  • Hotels nearby
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Questions: or call 734 677-0212.
  • Tree Town Stomp - Past and future